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2 Days Yangon - Thanlyin Tour (Exclude hotel)
  • Tour type: Package
  • City: Yangon, Thanlyin
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: English
  • Tour begins: 28/02/2021
  • Tour ends: 31/12/2021
  • Planned seats: 0
  • Seats available: 0
  • Tour Price (TWN/DBL Adult): USD 0
Itinerary :

Day 1 : Yangon

Meal : No Meals (Pay by themselves)

08.00 Pick up from your hotel in Yangon / Meeting point / Yangon International Airport and transfer to Inya Lake

08.15 Inya Lake Inya Lake, a famous natural landscape in Yangon, is located in the northern part of the city. It is 5 times larger than Lake Royal and is the largest lake in Yangon. The lake is crystal clear, surrounded by old trees by the lake, and the grass and grass. When you come here, you can calm your mind, indulge in it, and forget to return.

09.15 Kyauk Htat Gyi Buddha. The reclining Buddha is 20 meters long and 5.4 meters high. It was originally a huge sitting Buddha in the open air. Later, it was transformed into its current form using a large number of Burmese jade. The Buddha's eyes are made of glass, with hand pillows, two feet in front and one back, there are 108 lattices and totems on the soles of the feet, each representing a different image in the six reincarnations. Among them, 59 lattices are the world of human beings, 21 lattices are the world of animals, and 28 lattices are the world of gods, representing the noble meaning of Buddha who has transcended these levels and is not in the three realms. The ceiling was filled with the names and amounts of donors.

10.15 St. Mary's Cathedral in Yangon St Mary ’s Basilica has a long history and is the most influential church in Myanmar. Mass is held every morning and evening. It is divided into English, Burmese and Tamil for people who speak different languages. The church is in Neo-Gothic style, with its distinctive twin towers.

11.15 Return to hotel to rest and Lunch by your own expense : Guide will suggest on spot

13.30 Shwedagon Pagoda The Shwedagon Pagoda is located on the San Dingu Dara Mountain by Inya Lake. It is a landmark of Yangon. It is one of the "Three Southeast Asian Monuments" and is a must-see for all tourists to Yangon. The Shwedagon Pagoda has entrances in all four directions, and there are two huge stone lions at the main entrance. In addition to the entire outer layer of the main tower wrapped in gold foil, the top of the tower is also inlaid with numerous gems. There are dozens of stupas with different shapes around the main tower, each of which has a different shape, even the material used is different, there are gold-topped white walls, all are made of broken glass tiles, and there are pure The solid wood construction is painted with gold paint.

15.30 Chinatown in Yangon Around 150,000 local Chinese and overseas Chinese gathered. The 100-year-old Guanyin Temple (locally known as Guangdong Temple) and Qingfu Palace are popular gathering spots for tourists. It is crowded day and night, so crowded, it is very lively. There are many restaurants opened by the Chinese. Dumplings, ramen and other Chinese food are all available. Tourists who love Chinese food can eat more authentic food here. At the beginning of the Chinese lantern, the sidewalk in front of the temple became a night market selling fruits and clothes such as watermelons, small oranges, and big durians.

17.00 Dinner on your own expense : Guide will suggest on spot

18.00 After that, we will return to Yangon city (Hotel / Meeting point)

**Overnight at Yangon (Exclude hotel)

Day 2 : Yangon - Thanlyin

Meal : No Meals (Pay by themselves)

09.00 Pick up from your hotel in Yangon / Meeting point and transfer to Thanlyin

10.30 - Kyaik Hawan Wun Pagoda
The Kyaik Hawan Wun Pagoda is built on a small island in the center of the river. Compared with other pagodas, it is more unique. You need to take a ferry boat to visit the stupa in the water, and you can see the Thanlyin Bridge and the small colonial town of Thanlyin along the way. This was the port of the Portuguese colonial period. The hut has a different style. It is a special feature of the place that believers put raw fish here, and tourists can also feed these fish. Then transfer back to Yangon

13.00 Lunch on your own expense : Guide will suggest on spot

14.00 Myanmar Ethnic Village The Myanmar Ethnic Village is located in the far suburbs of Yangon. The small park contains miniature models of most of Myanmar ’s well-known attractions. Although this country is small, there are many ethnic groups with more than 135 ethnic groups. The Myanmar ethnic village contains part of the cultural and technological characteristics of these ethnic groups. The ethnic villages are not large. Condensed versions of well-known attractions in various cities of Myanmar are scattered around. Very good vegetation and greenery cover the clear lake water, which is very local.

17.00 Dinner on your own expense : Guide will suggest on spot

18.00 After that, we will retrun to Yangon city (Hotel / Meeting point)

********** End of Service *********

Tour Included :

- All entrance fee
- 1 bottle water
- English Guide
- Van and driver

Tour Excluded :

- Meal
- Hotel
- Tipping

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